How often in our lives do we have the same conversation over and over with ourselves; I wish I had said this, or I should have done or would have done that?  We repeat this to ourselves or to our patient spouses who have heard this same old story over and over. We accept crumbs, and I don’t mean breadcrumbs.

Now I’m a believer that seniors, like myself, have a right to be heard and stand up for ourselves. I may be a little combative that way, but I do not like to be pushed around or discarded as being “non relevant”.

Here’s an example: We make an appointment with a doctor and go always a tad earlier to be on time. We sit and sit, and sit until someone wearing some kind of uniform displaying zoo animals on their blouse comes to take us to another room to sit and sit, and sit. Then someone else in a different outfit, this one not as cheery as the monkeys or elephants emblazoned on their blouse, comes in to take our blood pressure, which because of my frustration is busting up the needle. Now the doctor finally comes in to tell us we’re sick. Why do we take this without at least saying to the doctor that we have been waiting patiently for 45 minutes, and what’s the point of making an appointment?

How about another one. You walk into the restaurant and are brought to a table under a large air conditioning vent. To sit there now requires a sweater, gloves and some type of Alaskan Parka to be warm enough to cut your food. Why do we accept that table…. is it because we don’t want to cause a ruckus?

Have you ever made reservations at an expensive hotel and then been brought to a room that overlooks a sea of air conditioning compressors? How is it that the hotel sits on a mountaintop and all we see is steam coming up from a roof? Do we call downstairs and raise hell? Do we ask for another room?

Is it because we look a little weary, have a little less hair, and seem to be getting a little shorter, others now look at us being unimportant or invisible. Are we now left to take the crumbs that are dished out?

Here’s may take on this…do you want to finish this quadrant of life with the should have, or would have dialog, or do you want to politely say…. “Hey, I’m here, I’m a person and I deserve the best treatment that I am paying for, do not ignore me.”

To my readers….. I’m about to walk the walk. I’m writing this from my hotel room which has a view on the seventh floor of a parking lot and a dumpster. I’m now going downstairs to claim a new room with a view of the mountain.  I’ll let you know what happened in my next blog!

Take my advice for what it is…It’s just as I see it.