Elder Abuse

If you suspect elder abuse or are a victim of abuse, we can help. 

Contact us immediately.

Suspecting Elder Abuse is such a horrifying thought, that denial can take over.  Unfortunately, Elder Abuse is a common and growing problem.  We think of “Stranger Danger” first, but sadly, abuse often begins at home with family members.

Readers of my blog on this subject, know that I have recently written about famous victims like Stan Lee (read the blog here: https://legalbaer.com/when-spider-man-and-captain-marvel-couldnt-help/ ) There are too many cases happening near to us.  That is why it is important to be vigilant and obtain legal counsel immediately if you suspect abuse is taking place or if you feel victimized.

We understand the embarrassment and treat each of our clients with care and compassion.  Call our office at 828-371-0383.