L-R: President Dave O’Harra & Leonard Baer, PLLC

Press Release - The Rotary Club of Highlands

The speaker last week at the Rotary Club of Highlands’ meeting was our own Lenny Baer, Attorney at Law. Lenny shared an inspiring story of a man who had dreams in his youth of becoming an attorney but for joining the service at the start of WW II and serving his country, getting out of the service, marrying, and having children, his dream never came true. He retired as a mail carrier. But after retiring, he sat in courtrooms observing the proceeding and on one occasion he watched a case Lenny was prosecuting and heard a piece of evidence Lenny had missed. He was able to share that information with Lenny, and that helped Lenny win the case. Of course, there was more to the trial than that one piece of evidence that influenced the verdict, but in Lenny’s closing argument, he recognized the gentleman and credited him as an assistant. Lenny’s acknowledgement of the man, Ronald Bates fulfilled a dream the man had held all his life. On the back of a business card Lenny had given to the man, Mr. Bates wrote “my best day…. with thanks”! Lenny shared with me something a mentor had offered to him. “When dealing with people, never believe that what you can do for them is so insignificant because at that moment, it may be the most significant moment in their lives”. So it is for Rotarians who live up to the motto “Service above self”, what we do for others can mean a lot more to them than it does to us.