A story has been circulating on the Internet, regarding a young woman who had the presence of mind, to call 112 on her cell phone, when she was being stopped by a “police officer” on a lonely street.

So, clients have been asking me, “What’s up with this?” or as their children may ask, “Wassup?”. Is 112 the new 911? Are they the same? Is 112 a better, faster way to connect to an emergency number. The answer is no… and then no.

112 is an emergency number mainly in Europe. We’ve been using 911 for eons. Why would we look to change it? We know what it is…we understand it…. and we remember it—911 is indelibly etched in our minds forever. It really shows the impact of the Internet that an unvetted story can create havoc.

Without being political, there is fake news out there so forget 112, over and done.  Let’s talk about the other problem…. getting stopped by the police, especially at night. There are a lot of “perps” out there looking to take you, hurt you, and cause a lot of pain.

If you’re stopped at night, make sure you stop your car but only in a lighted, public place. When you see the blue or red lights come on, breathe slowly and take a few seconds to think. Don’t just stop and wait for something to happen, because it will. You are entitled to be safe. You are entitled to rest your car in a public area where there could be some help. That is where 911 can be a big help.

If you feel threatened or unsure, you can verify who’s chasing after you, by calling 911. You can tell them you’re not evading the police but need to stop in a safe area. Let’s not act as victims here but take control of our lives. We may be old but we’re not stupid. There is bad stuff out there, but don’t take us for chumps.

So, let’s take things in order: We only use 911 here in the good old United States. Know how to use 911 on your own phone with speed dial, or get an IT expert to put it on…. your grandson, or granddaughter…and lastly, we have a right to be safe and no good-for-nothing “perp” is going to steal that right from us.

Take it for what it is…it’s just AS I SEE IT.