Have you always believed that sunshine is free? Isn’t it a gift to feel the sunrays touch your face?

Maybe, or maybe not, especially when those sun rays are connected to solar panels sold to my clients by fraudsters.

Here is the pitch: Are you fed up with the high cost of energy? Tired of paying exorbitant fees to the energy company? Lower those costs by tapping into natural sunlight!

What is it that hooks people? Is it the anticipation of lowering the electric bill? The well-polished voice on the phone? Or, do we simply think that having work crews on the roof is a great way to pass the time?

These solar scavengers are selling you a bucketful of problems including long-term leases, liens on your homes, and equipment that came from a landfill.

Am I mad about this? Of course! I have a client that lost thousands of dollars on solar panels that only store puddles of water when it rains. She’s certainly not ‘singing in the rain.’

Are there legit solar panels? Sure, but do your homework. Get references. Check out the Better Business Bureau. Talk to another customer of the company.  Most importantly, do not sign anything – I mean, anything – without a review by a professional first.

Take my advice for what it is…It’s Just, AS I SEE IT!