It’s February, and the New Year has really started, so let’s look at the scorecard for resolutions. Oh the wonderful plans…losing weight, new organizational skills, relationships, nutritional regimens…where are they now? What happened to these new vistas, goals, aspirations and good thoughts? I think the answer is that life gets in the way, aka “stuff”.  I have some goals that I need to accomplish, I won’t tell you what they are, but I was working the same scorecard you were…. “nada.”

These are important goals to me, so where was I going to find some answers to the elusive question…. How do I make those goals happen?  I went online to Google to start my quest for this Holy Grail to achieve my goals. There were some beautiful apps ready to go.

Boy, you mean all I have to do is download an app and all good things will happen? Look at their names…Way of Life, Habit Coach, Dream Tracker, Dream Chaser, Mystery Dreamer… This is a can’t miss, so let the downloading begin.

The new app came with pie charts (not good if your goal is to give up pies), graphs, hashtags, hash marks, and columns to fill out and delete daily, and special places to write endless memos to yourself. After trying for several hours to complete my goal app, I then realized I forgot what the goal was.

This was obviously not the way to fulfill my dreams. There must be a guru out there who has goals to meet constantly, deadlines to make, places to go and time that must be organized. Must I go to some far off land to meet this all seeing, all knowing person?

No! I found him. The one to give me the answer…It’s my grandson. He has school work every day, papers to write, things to do, and places to go…. he is the one to ask, the seer I needed. Right now.

I posed the question to him slowly so he could ponder this truly elusive habit about goals. What does he do to make his young life have order and get these goals and tasks completed?

And here is his answer. Here is a piece of advice that we can all use without going to extremes to make our life more complicated with graphs, flowcharts, alarms, wake up call and then frustration.

Here is his simple answer:  “Pop Pop…Write down the goal, give the goal a date to complete, and then, are you ready, post it on the refrigerator door so you see it every day, and then get started.”

I’ve deleted the app, and have posted my goal. It’s to be completed by the end of April. I will let you know, but I see it every time I visit the refrigerator for a piece of pie. Let me know your goal tracker or try this one on for size and let me know if it works for you

My friends, here is really the best advice: let’s just make our lives simpler. We really don’t need the Internet, Google, or Web MD to run our lives…. we just need common sense and the basics.

Take my advice for what it is…. It’s just as I see it.