I’m sitting here watching the television coverage of a hurricane that’s about to sneak up on my back door. I switch channels and hear politicos of all “denominations and faiths” spend hours upon hours screaming at each other about minutiae found in someone’s past when they were in the third grade and wrote something stupid. Shootings in the street, fires burning everything in sight, and more tweets being produced than the Kuala Lumpur Bird Park…and this is our normal day.


Here’s a great quote from a movie of yesteryear, “I’m mad as hell and I am not going to take this anymore” So here is my dilemma…. where am I going to go? I read books to get lost into someone else’s world. I work out to get lost in my own sweat. I binge watch soap operas from Turkey and Bollywood on Netflix, until I pass out, but I have finally found my respite between strife and politics…it’s YouTube. I’m not ramping up a business because they don’t need ramping up.

YouTube has become my library to take me away. Everything in recorded history is on YouTube, but for me, it’s the comedy shows of the 50’s and 60’s. The Dean Martin Roasts, the panel shows, kinescopes of the Ed Sullivan Show, Jack Benny and Burns and Allen…the Carol Burnett Show. Holy Moly, it’s a smorgasbord for me.


I open up my iPad and then my view on the ills of society take a back seat. I can laugh for hours… I can rerun the gags…and there are no commercials of someone screaming at me, as to which tooth whitener is the best for my smile, or how to get the stains out of my clothes. I’m not claiming to be the “discoverer” of some new planet or galaxy…. It’s right here. It’s a simple download to your computer. If you can’t download this simple website, get your IT expert to help…. your grandkids. There’s a world on the website that brings us back to those thrilling days of yesteryear when Superman was just a thirty minute show, and maybe father did really know best. This is certainly not a recipe to cure the problems that we all face every day, but maybe, like for me, it can give us pause to forget ourselves and laugh like we did when were kids… When our biggest worry was…  well, nothing.

Take it for what it is…It’s just as I see it.