Two days ago, my phone rang.  It was a client calling to tell me that an angel had saved her granddaughter during the shooting in Las Vegas.  She was crying on the phone, in a strange combination of pure joy and utter depression.

She was asking the question we are all asking these days; “What is wrong with the world?  Why do bad things keep happening to good people?”

It’s been one of those years where it seems that bad things keep happening.  Between riots, hurricanes, Equifax, and shootings, we are bombarded by the negative all the time.  I feel it too.

We’re beaten down by the television and radio announcements – they never stop. Even when we’re supposed to be doing something else, we can’t get away from the bad news.

However, there is a silver lining in all of this messiness; we get to see proof of incredible courage.  We’ve seen a husband shield his wife’s body from the hail of bullets 400 yards away.  We’ve seen people slog through the waters of the hurricane to assist in saving people and animals.  The heroism is evident every day and helps to drive out the bad.

I love old movies as anyone who reads my blogs can tell.  My favorite is “The Best Years of Our Lives”.  It’s a simple film about men and women returning from World War II and learning to readjust.

It’s a movie about heart.  I must’ve seen it 20 times in my life.  The men and women in the movie did what they did without worrying about what would happen “later on”.

This year, people have shown that heart.  The stories exist, you just have to find them between the stories of doom and gloom.  I find these stories heart gripping.  Let these stories about courage into your heart.

I ended the conversation with my client by telling her to give herself some joy that people are coming together and putting their differences aside to do the right thing.  I think, every day, about how fortunate I am to be able to see courage in every-day life and not just in the movies.

Take my advice for what it is… it’s just, AS I SEE IT!