It seems, this year, that we have heard nothing but bad news.  So, with that being said, I’m feeling pretty sad.  The holidays have arrived, a time when everyone should be appreciating the fun, the family, and the ridiculous sweaters. 

I’ve tried to be happy, but a few weeks ago a train in Washington state ran off the tracks, fires still rage in California, we’ve lost people and animals, and it just seems that turning on the television means being greeted with another catastrophe! 

Years ago, there was a prominent news caster whose sign off used to be “may the good news be yours”.  So, here’s my question; where is the good news? 

Will there be no more school shootings, natural disasters, political nonsense, and endless blather?  I’m waiting. 

We’ve had heroes to make us proud, but at what cost?  Will they be home for the holidays or will they just be in their family’s heart? 

Yes, I’m sad and a little bit angry, because the good news isn’t ours.  However, I’m hopeful, like the rest of the world.  It’s a new year, right? 

Take my opinion for what it is… it’s just AS I SEE IT!