Wow, again this week, one of my clients asked me that question. Holy moly, do I look that bad? I ran to the mirror to get some sort of reading that decrepitude had taken over. Nothing has really changed since I looked in the mirror. No sudden hair loss, sagging jowls or precipitous hair growing from my ears… something that would lead someone to believe that this dude is really old. So, then what? Why am I asked this question frequently?

I needed to seek another source to give me this guidance – someone trustworthy and unbiased – an unusual phenomenon in today’s world. And, yes, again, I chose my grandson.

So, when asked whether I looked old and broken down, he replied, “you look perfect to me Pop Pop.”

My next question was, “should I retire?” After pondering a bit and seeking an explanation of retirement, he said, “don’t you love what you do?”

How is it that when you ask a little kid a question, the honesty of the answer hits you in the face?

I love what I do, in all forms—listening to my clients, the interaction with them, and understanding how they are thinking. What does age have to do with anything?

The president of the United States just turned 71. Hillary Clinton will be 70.  President Ronald Reagan was in his 70s during his time in the White House. Winston Churchill, when he led Europe out of the greatest conflict of the 20th century, was in his late 60s. If you asked them to retire, they would have Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson throw you out of their office.

So, what is the moral to this life dilemma? Simple… Do you love what you do? Are you able to continue doing what you do? Does it make you feel good doing what you love to do? If you answered yes, then continue to do it… and love it! Age is simply the number on a birth certificate.

And, for the men reading this, just make sure you continue to trim the facial hair on a regular basis.

Take my advice for what it is…It’s just, AS I SEE IT.