We’re all busy getting prepared for the holidays, watching Hallmark movies, watching more Hallmark movies, and some even watching actual snowflakes; but there is also the Grinch, literally trying to steal our Christmas out from under the Christmas tree.

Phishing is not a sport, or the summer afternoon of the quiet stream, and landing the large mouth bass that you will brag about through the new year.

It’s the Internet “perp” who is trying to seduce us by redirecting our e-mails to sites that will take our money and personal information.

It’s the e-mail that says that these wonderful “Santa’s helpers” are trying to verify your gift shopping and need some updated personal information.

It’s the “bogus” Amazon site that says we need to verify the information on your last purchase to Aunt Peg.

How did they know you had an Aunt Peg…? They don’t, but when you send out 2 million e-mails, someone does.

It’s a numbers game. They work on the theory that if you send out enough e-mails, the “sucker” will come. It’s simply the laws of statistics.

So, here is what you should do…if there is an issue with a purchase, call the real customer service number. Don’t open random e-mails on your computer even when they say ‘Amazon’. Don’t call back an 800 number, even if it looks inviting and please don’t let your computer become the sign that says, “ Gone Phishing”.

Take my advice for what it is….it’s just as I see it.