When I was a kid, every 10 minutes there was a commercial on television for a product called, Geritol. If you were down, it got you up…. if you were pooped from a long day, it got you up…. if you were tired and lazy the whole day, it perked you right up. It was the cure for tired blood.

During this long year, I think I suffered from tired blood. I was pooped after a long day; actually, I was pooped even after a short day. I was even pooped when I got up in the morning.

And there is my law practice…. everybody I talked with seemed to have this same tired blood. Is it the Pandemic? I see the molecular picture of COVID19, and it appears that those dreaded little hooks coming out of someplace may cause my tired blood. Could these little hooks cause this affliction? Well, it certainly has been proven scientifically that it causes something.

Next, I look at the news. Could these, to quote a phrase “nattering nabobs” cause my tired blood? Maybe…. they spout and they yell, and they talk about conspiracies, lies, fact checks and who knows what else, but mostly they just try to heat up my tired blood.

And then there is this body of men and women who converge in Washington, D.C., some 535 of them, spending the day yelling at each other, insulting each other, fighting each other and just agreeing that each day they will repeat this show, hoping that their constituents will reelect them to this cushy job that will pay them for a lifetime.

How about the professional athletes that are earning 24 million dollars a season and think they speak for the country?

So, after this careful analysis, and checking the ingredient label of Geritol, it appears that this is not the remedy after all! So what to do? I just came back from a run, it is sunny with a beautiful blue sky.

I’m a martial artist so I punched and kicked for 30 minutes. I then went in, and opened my iPad to look at the daily comics of Red and Rover, Beetle Bailey, Good Old Charlie Brown, and Snoopy and then finally, Garfield. I took Garfield’s advice and took a nap. Long story short, my tired blood is gone. Hey, maybe, just maybe, this is the answer to all people with tired blood, it’s just to move around a bit, breathe in some fresh air, and then of course, read the “funnies”. Sometimes, simple is better.

Take my advice for what it is… it’s just as I see it.