I saw another news story today about a caregiver who left her client, a diabetic, and went to Las Vegas for a vacation – with the client’s money. How does this happen? Doesn’t anyone check to see who we’re leaving in charge of our family members?

We check on everything these days; our credit, our dog-sitter, and even our teeth to make sure there is no piece of spinach dangling from our mouths.  So, why are we allowing so-called caregivers’ access to us and our loved ones without doing some basic checking?  The days of the Brady Bunch and their trustworthy maid, Alice, are long over.

We’re slackers when it comes to hiring a caregiver.  Do your homework. Ask for references, and check them. Ask to see a driver’s license or a Green Card, if necessary, and a detailed work history.  Call the better business bureau, do a criminal background check, and ask for an address history.

When you have done all this, and are satisfied that the caregiver isn’t Freddy Krueger, then you sit down with them face to face. Pay attention to how they answer questions and whether they’re making eye contact, or simply searching for the exit.

So yes, I am mad, because another “old person” was left for dead by a caregiver. Remember when our mothers yelled up the stairs to do our homework?  Well I’m yelling, albeit politely, do your homework!

Take my advice for what it is… It’s just, AS I SEE IT!