From those thrilling days of yesteryear, the olden days or now what we say, back in the day, we aspired to be seniors. We were freshmen in high school and took some bullying, name calling, and longed for the day when we could become seniors. We would rule the word. We were captains of the teams, student council “big wigs”, and just kings of the hill.

In a capsule, the world of a senior was our oyster.

And then college, if we ventured into higher education, the same routine. As Freshman, we were teased, pranked, excluded, and made to feel like, a “worm”. Our time would soon come and we would become seniors….we did the pranking, we were untouchable, and again, we were kings of the world. This is the life, or we foolishly thought.

The real world soon came, and if we landed a job, our first years were rough. We were rookies, who acted as gophers for the seniors on the job. We did the scut work no one wanted to do. We stayed late because our seniors were looking. We made mistakes and we were scolded and berated, but we dreamed our day would come and we would be the senior…giving orders, heaping praise or derision….again we were the top dogs and the rulers of our universe.

Time moves forward and our senior title changed: I first found that out when AARP mailed me their packet. According to AARP, and their statistical experts, I was a senior and to my delight, they told me I was king of something. They sent me coupons for disposable diapers, toothpaste designed for the senior mouth that would prevent our teeth from ending up in our plates after eating. I received discounts for cruise ships that sailed to nowhere because who remembers the itinerary as a senior? Walkers, canes, “special” ads for the miracle blue pills……wow to be a senior.

I now greet the morning with a slew of interesting e-mails.

I read that every subscription I own is cancelled because someone on the other end wants to scam my money. I’ve met some new friends from India who want to fix my computer, send me an ATM loaded with millions of dollars, Russian brides who long for walks on the beach and the contents of my wallet…

So here is my thinking to all of us who are seniors (AARP says above 50), rise up and say, screw you (my apologies)!  I am strong, my seniority has made me smarter, more savvy, wore worldly, and better able to handle the travails of life.

But here is my conclusion based on my seniority…

I’d rather be a freshman.

Take it for what it is…it’s just as I see it.