Hey, I’m ancient…. I do remember birthday parties with the quintessential “pin the tail on the donkey”, singing the traditional birthday song, and then opening the presents….and a must, the singing and dancing of the “Hokey Pokey.”

What makes me reminisce? A client of mine on a Zoom conference told me she was a little concerned as to what to do now having been fully vaccinated. Not the ordinary legal question I get day to day, and certainly not a course taken at law school.

Does she continue with the omnipresent face mask, the gloves, and the cleaning agents that have become her best friends over the past year? Can she run back to her favorite public places; can she go back to her favorite restaurants? How about binge movie-watching at the movie theatre? She hasn’t seen even one movie that is being nominated for an Oscar.

The Zoom conference became a psychologist’s couch……. she was nervous, excited, frightened, and then euphoric. The news certainly hasn’t helped. I see Dr. Fauci on the news everyday…. he looks honest, concerned, not out of a Hollywood movie set. He looks the everyman who you can trust…… he looks like your next-door neighbor, but here is the problem, On Monday he tells me (not really, but I wish he would call) I only have to wear my mask part of the time, but which time?

On Tuesday he tells me I can meet with people who have had the vaccine. On Wednesday, he tells me to be careful of people who have only had only one shot of the vaccine. On Thursday, he tells me it is important to get out in the sun. On Friday, I’m told to be careful of the sun and the sunbathers out in the sun, and on Saturday, he mentions that we should go back to wearing our masks indefinitely.

I can’t wait until Sunday, but on that date, I’m told he’s off…. attending a conference with 2000 people. So, what do I tell my client waiting for me to impart some words of wisdom? It came to me: the birthday party at 8 years of age, and no, not pin the tail on the donkey but the “Hokey Pokey”! This can be our new mantra going forward:

You put your right foot in, you take your right foot out, you put your right foot in, and shake it all about. Need I offer any more verses? This kid’s song is telling me what to do. Go slowly, get back to activities slowly, stay careful about what you do, and who you see, and then, and only then, can you “shake it all about”.

My advice to my client and to myself, while humming the catchy tune of the “The Hokey Pokey” – that perfect guide and plan on how re-enter the world I’ve forgotten….and then with baby steps – “turn myself around”.

Take my advice for what it is……. It’s just as I see it.