Given that my past blog series has been pretty intense in subject matter, I thought we could try something that is a bit humorous to lighten things up.  So, who wants to Roomba?  I have finally found something that lives up to the hype, stays the course, and yet, doesn’t require constant praise after a job well done.

It’s the Roomba!  When I first saw it on television, I laughed at the idea.  It claimed it could clean the whole house… Balderdash!

It looked like a large frisbee, or some kind of small alien spacecraft.  Young children either screamed in delight or crawled quickly to their mother when it began its cleaning process.  Dogs were certain to circle it carefully, not knowing the planet from which this new house mate landed.

Let me tell you about the process though!  It begins by scoping the room in the house to survey its new digs.  It can go where no human should have to go, or in fact, has gone in a very long time.  It can scurry under the bed or under the couch where it will find stuff that has been placed on the missing artifacts list in your home.

It will push out old lottery tickets, receipts from purchases long forgotten, and dust covered tiny objects that are unrecognizable.

I find myself watching it, in awe, as it angles itself between the proverbial rock and hard place by lifting itself and then rolling to the next stop.

It’s tenacious.  It moves and twerks like an experienced exotic dancer as it tries to get under furniture where our hands fear to tread.  When it finds itself sandwiched under some awful spot, it asks for adult assistance to be removed from a corner.

However, the best part is that when its daily work is complete, the little guy makes a beeline back to its charging station for a well-needed rest or maybe even a make-believe hug.  The work is over for the day as it rests and waits for its next adventure into the wonderful world of dust bunnies, crumbs and miscellaneous fuzz.

So, why am I writing this blog for a seniors forum?  Well, this could be a best friend as it does the stuff we either don’t like to do or can no longer do on our own.  Unlike a cleaning lady, though, it won’t ask to be paid.  It doesn’t take breaks, it doesn’t need lunch, and it doesn’t require days off to tend to a sick relative.  It’s cute as the dickens and always wants to go out and play.

Am I enthralled about this?  Well, actually, I’m nuts about it.  The next time someone suggests dancing, instead think about watching your Roomba.  It’s a lot easier on your back.

As always, take my advice for what it is… It’s just AS I SEE IT!