Usually I talk about my clients and some of the problems that they face. It can be dating online, making sure that someone doesn’t snatch your purse or wallet, or the latest scammer that is out to steal every dime we have.

So, I thought how about I talk about me?  Okay, not really about me but something that got me thinking. I usually write about seniors because I have a have a necessary qualification.  I am a senior.  I find that when I look at my appointment book (yes, I still use one) I see the month filled up with doctors’ appointments.

I remember a great Mel Brooks movie line, “We mock the ones we are to be”, and I’m here.  Does that mean my social calendar represents when I meet the doctors? Could it mean the number of times I go for the early bird special?  Does it mean I have to enjoy eating earlier?

A client of mine recently told me his theory about getting older. He said that his theory was not dying; that every day he does something special. He may take a walk, sit by his pool, or visit his kids. That’s his day, and he feels no guilt in doing it his way.

We don’t have to worry about what it means to get older, we just do it. Whatever happens as we age, just happens. It does not mean we have to change our habits, slow down, or just watch reruns of General Hospital.

It means to me that I can cross the line in the sand that says, I can’t do it because I’m older. I may not look as thin as before, or perform an exercise as smoothly as before, but so what… Is anyone really looking? As the commercial says, “just do it”

Take my advice for what it is… It’s just, AS I SEE IT!