When I was growing up, I loved watching tough guys in movies. The western stars whose names may barely be remembered today were my idols. They symbolized resilience, grit, and determination. Most importantly, they all had one thing in common, confidence in themselves. My journey into martial arts training was really a path into some type of self-evaluation.

I enjoyed fighting; breaking boards and ice bricks whenever given the chance. The dojo, to my surprise, was not a place to become a tough guy. There was something else found within those four walls; you found yourself.

I spent years learning the skills and listening to a philosophy about being focused in your life. I set a goal for myself to obtain a black belt although I knew it was going to take years of practice and training. I would not let myself quit, even when I was tired or maybe even injured.

Finally, I achieved that goal. Receiving my black belt was an honor and thrill. I continued to train and eventually, I opened my own dojo. I taught people what I had learned throughout my years of training. I was fortunate to have a partner who was a master. He continued to teach me and keep me focused.

Making a living, raising children and surviving can take up more time than expected. My training began to suffer and little injuries would creep in here and there. Unfortunately, the skills that I learned were being put on the back burner.

Where did the time go? I looked in the mirror and questioned who that old guy staring back was. The ninja warrior was now gone and in his place looking in the mirror was a ninja worn out.

Was it time for a comeback? Maybe it was time to set new goals that put this old guy to the test. I realized I was never going to kick like I did. Breaking boards? Not a chance. The only thing I can break now is glass, and that is when I drop it. The only fighting I do is trying to fall asleep at night.

I teach clients to be on guard for not only physical attacks but mental ones as well. We live in tough times, and you can never be too prepared. I wanted to see if Mr. Miyagi was still available to train me. It was time for a comeback!

Take My Advice For What it is… it’s just AS I SEE IT!