I had an interesting client… We spoke about issues concerning her estate planning, and after our appointment, she proudly displayed her brand-new cell phone to show she was ‘hip’ to technology. (“Hip” is a word used during days of Elvis—meaning we’re cool – apparently, it’s making a comeback, but I digress). In any event, she was now ready to enter the new appointment date in her phone.

There was much fumbling, rumbling and ranting about the good old days – you know, when a phone was attached to a cord that plugged into a wall.

I asked her if she knew how to call 911, if there was an emergency. She seemed startled, as if I was trying to be a wise guy. What kind of a question is that? Of course, she could call!

I said, “show me.”

After entering numbers and commands for what seemed to be an eternity, she said, sheepishly, “Maybe I should ask my grandson to show me how”.

Now this client is not a stupid person. She is an intelligent woman who is smart enough to know how to plan for the future. But right now, the future was a cell phone, which she could not properly use. What good is a smart phone if it can’t be smart when you need it?

I felt the need to test a theory. I asked my grandson to download an app on my phone that would directly reach 911, without my fumbling, if I were alone on the floor.

Sure enough, he said, “Pop Pop, no problem” and it was done.

911 is a universal number. It’s in our head all the time. But, like the telephone plugged into a wall with a cord, it needs a tune up. Actually, we need the tune up.

Our phones are only ‘smart’ if we know how to use them. We need to know how to dial 911 without looking for the phone manual, which is probably in many languages, except the one we need.

So, folks, let’s seek help from the ones who are experts… the ones who don’t pass judgment on our failings, and the ones who would do anything for us.  Let’s ask the grandkids the best ways to contact 911 on any type of smart phone we use.

Take my advice for what it is…It’s Just, AS I SEE IT!