We know we should speak up, or at least mildly protest something that is bothering us. We do it all the time…. when we speak with family, colleagues, and friends, but how come when it comes to services, we keep mum? A room with a view; mine came with a view of air conditioner compressors and some old, rusting pipes.

My dialogue with a clerk downstairs was unremarkable…he did not get why I needed the change. My room had a view; not a great view but it has some view. It had a window, and the light could come in. After explaining that a mountain view meant the mountains, he got it. He then explained that the hotel was booked and these rooms were not available. I directed his attention to the parking lot and said there is a clue out there, that the hotel is not full. Also, I had the presence of mind to ask one of the house staff, who told me the hotel was empty.

I could sense that my conversation with the reservations clerk, Malcolm, needed some tactful, civil, calm, tête a tête.
I also kept it simple. I want another room with a view of the mountains not overlooking a roof with vapor spewing and old construction material. Guess what? Malcolm got it and assigned me another room.

Why was that easy? I simply asked for and got what I wanted. I think that sometimes we are embarrassed to ask for something. As we get older, maybe we feel that, hey, it’s just a room, or just a table at restaurant, but it’s more than that to me. Give me the respect I’ve earned. I’ve paid my dues, and I want what I want. We can all have that by respecting ourselves to say, we deserve it. Less hair on our head, and some sagging jowls do not automatically require us to sit in the corner with a timeout.

Remember when we were kids and the old adage was, children are to be seen and not heard? We’re not children and our voice is necessary so we don’t get overlooked. We’re street smart and have been walking these streets many years…let’s act that way.
Take my advice for what it is…. it’s just as I see it.