I missed a phone call the other day, and it’s bothering me. It’s not a phone call I didn’t answer when the phone rang. It’s not a phone call I did not return. So what was it ….. ?

A friend of mine died 3 weeks ago, but I only found out yesterday. I haven’t seen him in years…..his wife died of cancer 4 years ago and it’s like he became invisible. He was a very old man who lived a wonderful life. He was successful in business, a lieutenant in Patton’s Third Army Division. He was an expert in bridge, had a wonderful sense of humor, and always invited me to his house with a loud, barking, “How are you, Lennie?”

I’m reaching an age where “my people” are leaving. In most situations, saying good byes are not possible. We are not near them all the time; maybe it’s been a while since we’ve seen them……or maybe life has just gotten in the way and we forget……but you know, that does not make me feel better. I missed the phone call and it’s bothering me.

The text message is incredible. It enables you to make contact instantly. It can be a life saver…..and it has been. But how do you tell someone you miss them when they’re sick, when they’re dying, when hardship has entered their lives? Will the wonder of texting describe your emotions, or how you are feeling with the sound of your voice?

I thought about this the other day when I heard the news of my friend. How many people could I have called and it would have made their day…not because it was me calling, but showing that someone cared.

We live in an age that surrounds us with media, people talking on the television to anyone who is listening. Realistically, we spend hours looking, and listening to what others are saying. Their opinions, their views….don’t we have something to say of more value and more importance, than those “talking heads” who get paid for it?

Wouldn’t someone we all know appreciate a phone call? I’ve made a list; now I have to make the call……. yes, I missed making the phone call to my friend, and it’s too late now. I don’t want to miss many more.

Take my advice for what it is…. It’s just as I see it.