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To Get Started, Just Get Started

To Get Started, Just Get Started

I have some goals that I need to accomplish, I won’t tell you what they are, but I was working the same scorecard you were…. “nada.”

Be Better Than Bezos

Be Better Than Bezos

What does the world’s richest man, Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon, have in common with all of us? Simply said, he did not properly prepare and think about estate planning. Jeff Bezos has a net worth of $134 billion dollars, which in the near future will be divided in...

A Volatile Economy Should Not Impact Estate Planning

No matter how volatile the world economy seems to be, the need for estate planning is still of primary importance to everyone.  Here are some questions to ask yourself, and are relevant no matter what is going on around us in our nation or worldwide.

Like Shooting Phish In a Barrel

We’re all busy getting prepared for the holidays, watching Hallmark movies, watching more Hallmark movies, and some even watching actual snowflakes; but there is also the Grinch, literally trying to steal our Christmas out from under the Christmas tree.

Black Friday Is Coming

My senior clients are bursting at the seams to celebrate “Black Friday” – and they may be unaware of potential scams.

A Room with a View – Who’s Kidding

We know we should speak up, or at least mildly protest something that is bothering us. We do it all the time…. when we speak with family, colleagues, and friends, but how come when it comes to services, we keep mum? A room with a view; mine came with a view of air conditioner compressors and some old, rusting pipes.

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