The holidays are over, the presents are put away, and we are looking forward to Groundhog Day, Valentines Day, and of course, the tax season!

My preference is Valentine’s Day, but as you know, the IRS doesn’t give you much choice.

Mark Twain once said: “What is the difference between a taxidermist and a tax collector? The Taxidermist takes only your skin.”

That being said, most of us are gathering our receipts and statements to present to our accountants. Will we be paying taxes this year, are we owed a refund or are we looking for extension because we can’t get it together in time?

During the holidays, we watch out for holiday scams. As we begin the New Year, we must now worry about the “IRS Scam.”

These are the cons who leave a message on your phone saying you owe taxes, and there will be jail time unless you pay—and pay now! They tell you to call a number to pay with a credit card and avoid the slammer.

My friends, this is a hoax. I am telling you, as I tell my clients, that you owe nothing—and I mean nothing, if you get this message.


Don’t call the number or any phone number, which says you owe back taxes, forward taxes or sales tax, because you don’t. It’s a sophisticated message that sounds official and the scammers know when we hear anything related to the IRS, we cringe. The IRS does not leave phone messages. Do not get scared or frightened. It’s a con.

Just keep this thought in mind. You only owe the tax collector if your accountant or TurboTax program says so.

Anything else is just a scam.

Take my advice for what it is…It’s just, AS I SEE IT!